Belgian Beer

Belgium is known for its chocolate, waffles, mussels and best of all BEER. Belgium is the mecca for beer lovers, the worlds most artisanal and diverse beers.


Beigium is home to roughly 150+ breweries and well over 500 types of beers. We’re talking about a country the size of Maryland. That’s a lot of beer!!!


Beer styles, brewing ingredients and brewing methods are all over the place: from wine-like Lambics, Gueuzes and Flemish Reds to refreshingly crisp and spicy Witbiers, to Trappist and Abbey Ales, to the delicate Bière de Champagne and everything in between. To boot, beer in Belgium is taken very seriously. Each beer is generally served in its own specific glassware and poured properly into the glass, with the bottle presented label facing the customer. If the beer is bottle conditioned, upward of an inch of beer and sediment will be left in the bottle to be consumed at the drinker’s discretion – the sediment is merely unfiltered yeast and proteins. Both of which are healthy and flavorful.


Most beer enthusiasts who travel to Belgium tend to hover around the cities of Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels, visiting some of the world’s finest beer bars or an artisanal beer festival. While this can be a guaranteed good time, to truly get a flavor for Belgian beer, I recommend renting a car or a bike and seeking out the artisanal breweries of Belgium. The countryside is beautiful, the people are beautiful and friendly.